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“Interest in art has risen over the past decade, and independent galleries have sprung up everywhere, even in unfashionable towns. And ‘everywhere’ also includes online art galleries.”

An online art gallery provides you with a virtual art and craft store which enables you to buy all kinds of art pieces such as sculptures, paintings, pottery works, photographs, sketches etc. Before the existence of online art studio, the only option for the art lovers was to purchase from galleries, exhibitions and auctions. But the arrival of online art shops has made the purchase of artworks easier and reliable.

Anyone can purchase artwork and place it somewhere but if you are really interested in art then you would want to be a truly satisfied and a successful collector. Buying art from the right place can make a big impact in your life. So, in today’s world the best way to have an art collection is to purchase from online art studios.

The top 4 reasons to buy from an online art gallery shop are listed below:

24 Hours Availability:
In today’s world, life goes on with such speed and busy schedule that one cannot find adequate time to go to a specific art shop, spend time there and buy something. The chances are one might get tired of looking for the perfect piece of art after such a hectic routine. And might return back without buying anything which will cause disappointment. So, the solution to the art lovers in such a situation is to access an art shop online. This will provide him the benefit of purchasing the artwork at any span of time and in a relaxed mood. Just by sitting at home and with a few clicks you can discover original artworks from extensive portfolios of both renowned artists as well as emerging artists.

Vast variety of artwork:
The online art gallery will provide you a wide variety of art pieces which include paintings, photographs & prints, sculptures, digital art, mixed media, drawings & illustrations, etc. The advantage is that you can learn about new trends in artwork and constantly get exposed to new things that you may enjoy.

There exist best online art galleries each with somewhere in the range of dozens to hundreds of artists and the online websites have categorized the work type and artists for easy browsing. You can also search for a specific thing or artist just by typing in the search box.

They also provide you with the museum-quality artworks for sale at an affordable price. Online art and craft store makes it possible for everyone to own original artwork form international artists without breaking the bank.

Expert advice & first-class service:
Buying something online may seem to some people as a challenging task. They may have an opinion that if they are unable to select something then there would be no one to guide them or to answer their queries. But the truth is online art galleries provides you with best expert advisories. They will always be available to help the customers in selecting the required piece. People buy artwork for gifting purposes, home or office decorations, emotional response to the artwork, etc.

Whether you are buying for some investment purposes or less economic reasons, the advice will always be available for you. For some people, the act of buying an artwork is deeply personal. They purchase works that they not only want to have for themselves but also to share with those who are close to them.

Since every artwork has its own story, a story which the experts will tell you in detail. They will tell you the personal stories behind the artworks and give an in-depth insight into the life and work of each artist.

Insured shipment worldwide:

Some paintings and mostly all the sculptures are quite heavy and it is a difficult task to carry them home especially if you don’t own any personal vehicle. But that won’t be an issue since online art galleries provide you the free home-delivery services and shipment all over the world. As soon as you select an item, purchase it and give your address to them your artwork will be delivered to you in the next working days.
“Get your desired artwork delivered anywhere in the world, direct from the artist’s studio to your home.”

If you have ever dreamed of having your own art collection but you are afraid that you don’t have enough time to go to an art shop and spend time for purchasing what you love then the only solution is to do online shopping of the artwork to save time and effort. As you have full access to decorative art and the brilliant paintings 24 hours a day, seven days a week so, these online art galleries help art lovers all over the world to satisfy their needs by providing affordable original art for sale that anyone can buy.

10 Reasons Why Artist should Blog for Success – ShowFlipper

This is the Internet world where the power of the Internet can be used to build, expand, and grow a business almost exponentially. Unlike a couple of years ago when reaching your target audience would require a lot of time and expenditure, today it takes just a fraction of the amount of money as well as time to publicize a product or business. And the wider audience, rather we should call it potential clients, that it provides access to is unbelievable.

While the internet provides all these perks, it is also easy to get lost in the crowd if proper techniques are not used. One needs to be very meticulous in deciding how they want to use the internet for expanding their business. The information, associated website, interval of updated information, etc. all play a very important role in popularizing a business. So, how to sell your art online? Let’s dig deeper and find out some definite way that can lead to the success of a business online.

Build an attractive website

The foremost thing we do these days after knowing about any new product is first go online, see the product website, go to review sites and read more about customer reviews of these products. Also, before you can set-up a business meeting most often than not you are asked for your website. A website can do a lot for a business than one can think of. And the art industry is no exception.

To be able to sell your art online, you need to have a large fan base; people that connect with you and your thinking style and being an artist this should be fairly easy for you. You don’t need to have an online art studio right in the beginning, but what you should have is a blogging website for yourself where you can connect with your potential clients or spread a good word about you and your work. The key here is to regularly connect with your audience and use most popular keywords in your writing that best describe the kind of work you do or the topic of discussion.

Blogging will get you thinking

To write and engage your audience on a regular basis will require a lot of thinking and connecting dots so that the same message with the same sentiments are passed on to the reader as well. The artist will have to think hard to find the right opportunity using the right words to bond with the audience and make them buy art online.

You will get an eye for detail

The main reason to have a website or blog is to build a network and any superficial writing or information is going to do the exact opposite. A transition from a thought process of where to sell digital art to how to bond with my audience is required. This will automatically enable a smooth and long-lasting relationship with the audience.

In art industry, it is a well-known fact that if one has to make a living out of selling art one needs to have a strong network. Once the network is in place, easily an online art studio can be created to start making profits out of your work.

Blogging will make you more disciplined

A blog site can die an ugly death very easily if not maintained well, which means a regular posting of new content has to be done diligently. As easy it is to make an impact over the internet it is equally easy to be forgotten. This will only help an artist to make sure they sell their work and keep selling.

Great for networking

Blogs provide a great platform to connect with like minded people who may have other contacts that may prove useful to you. Networking isn’t easy, and find the right people to network with is even harder. But having a blog should make this task at least a wee bit simpler. You would be surprised as to how easily you can make good contacts.

Blogging makes selling easy

With a popular blog site in your kitty, you won’t have to think of how to sell your art every time you have a new piece of art ready. Just go to your site and post it! You’d be surprised how many bids each of your arts will receive.

Instant feedback from readers

Blogging allows readers to comment and give feedback on each and every article written. This can give a different perspective to the artist about their own work. Such a great learning experience doesn’t come from any other platform.

Your work can go viral

By having a blog or an online art studio you increase the chance of making your work or yourself go viral overnight. This will give you a boost especially when you go for something serious like art competitions. Judges knowing you already will give an extra brownie point even before you display your work, as most likely they must have already seen it on your blog.

Best of all, blogging is free

There is a multitude of applications that have come up that aid in the creation of websites and blogs for no cost what so ever. Once you have a domain name for yourself there is almost no investment required for the upkeep of the blog.

It can be safely concluded that blogging will bring positive changes in you, make you more confident about your work, help you sell better and more importantly change you for the good.

5 Best Available Photography Courses in India

Photography is considered to be one of the most creative and artistic fields of work that lets people capture live moments be it nature, portraits of people, animals, fashion, candids or different events. Hence, Photography today is one of the most sought after professions.

People, who want to learn professional photography and want to make a career out of it, need to enroll in some course. There are many photography courses in India that are available for beginners as well as for professionals who want to learn it further. Most of the photography courses begin with workshops that introduce the students with all the basic techniques and principles of photography.

Here are 5 best photography courses available in India –

Foundation Course – The foundation course is a two months course held basically on weekends (16 classes) for beginners who want practical coachings. The course is very comprehensive and helps the beginners to indulge more in practicals through various activities and tasks. The course introduces the students with all the basics and a few advanced techniques and concepts of professional photography such as composition, HDR, Panorama, Exposure Portraiture, Lightning, photo editing, time lapse etc.

Crash Course – A crash course is where the students are given all the knowledge and insights of a course within a very brief period of time. This course is appropriate for students pursuing some other academic course who cannot dedicate much time to learn professional photography but are still passionate towards it.

Advance Course – This course focuses on digital and commercial photography that includes all the basics as well. Techniques that are focused on the most during this course are various exposures and lightnings. The course concentrates on teaching mainly through commercial sessions (that are based on advertisements) and practical sessions (that are based on outdoor shooting and modeling).

Diploma in Wedding and Events Photography – The diploma in wedding and events photography is the combination of all the different courses such as digital photo editing, DSLR photography, basic and advance etc. with a special attention to the wedding and events photography. Students who want to enroll in this course are expected to have some kind of exposure in different events such as corporate events, weddings, parties etc. Wedding photography is considered to be generating the highest income among all the genres of photography, but it also comes with many challenges such as different lightning conditions, unrestrained environmental issues and many more.

Videography – Videography as the name suggests has to do with capturing videos or moving images in different scenarios like news coverage, wedding, function videography etc. The course includes training on video editing on PC, audio dubbing, mixing and duplicating, titling etc. The completion of this course enables students to cover weddings, parties and other different events on their own.

These are the courses that enable the aspiring photographers or beginners to become proficient in photography and pursue it as a career in the future. The courses as mentioned above, aim at teaching all the professional know how to the students through various workshops, classes, digital photography tutorials, indoor and outdoor sessions etc. that are lead by professional and renowned photographers.

Ghazal – A tale of Pain and Beauty

Ghazal, a musical category famous all through the Indian Sub-continent 18th and 19th Centuries can be stated a musical interpretation of the poetic form of both the Beauty and Pain molded together in Love. This art form is more of a poem recitation than music. This art form traces its roots to Arabic poetry. Ghazal made its way into the South of Asia in the 12th century owing to the owing to the influence it cemented in Sufi mystics and courts of the new Islamic sultanates. This art form is now found in a variety of different languages across the Indian Continent. One among many carrying the torch in the United States of America of this category of Music is Mr. Sankumani Sarma. A Ghazal Singer in the United States of India, hailing from India, Mr. Sankumani Sarma has been spreading this beautiful symphony in the form of Private Concerts or Private Mehfil.

In its formative years Ghazal was mostly kept limited to religious topics and it evolution saw it expanding its horizon to more romantic themes. Ghazal is written always from the point-of-view of a lover whose love is almost unattainable. It is a music portrayed in a one-sided love affair. The structure of a Ghazal is made up of couplets ranging from five to fifteen of them. Many of these Ghazal have seven couplets. The lines in the lyric are approximate of the same length and meter. The structure also states for a repetition of a phrase or words towards the ending both lines of the first couplet and at towards the ending of the second line of each succeeding couplet. The final couplet usually dictates as a signature couplet where the poet uses his or her love’s first name thus providing a more personal feeling to the song.

There has been many who have mastered Ghazal and to point out a few of them is a work harder than it sounds. There have been many who are proficient in this field some of who are Ustad Mehndi Hasan, Ghulam Ali, Jagjit Singh, Begum Akhtar, Ustad Amanat Ali Khan, Hariharan, Abida Parveen, to name a few in no particular order.

Due to its increasing popularity, Ghazal is now gaining a name in parts all around the world. Embrace the beauty of Ghazal in the United States of America and get together with Ghazal maestro Sankumani Sarma to enjoy a Shaam-e-ghazal like none other. You can also get in Touch with Mr. Sankumani Sarma for a Desi Home Concert for more of an at-home feeling. Ghazal is beautiful and is fast gaining popularity around the world, don’t get left behind and be a witness to this soulful art form.

Most Important Watercolor Painting Tips

Watercolor paintings are distinct and unique. It can be layered with strokes that put the focus on the subject rather than the whole story.

It is a challenging painting medium and one of the most common is to control the colors.

Tips for Watercolor Paintings –

Quality of the watercolor paints –
Unlike other mediums where one can check out cheap qualities and then set on better mediums. It is not the case of watercolor paints.

Watercolors have a wide spectrum of quality.

Low-quality watercolors can lead to bad results.

Watercolor paintings need the right type of surface paper –
For effective watercolor paintings, the surface paper is the most important. The paper should be able to absorb layers of paint without turning mush.

Hence a heavy paper is a must for watercolor paintings. The heavy paper implies the actual weight of the paper.

The paper used for watercolor paintings usually have a nomenclature of the process by which they are produced –

Cold Press means paper pressed on cold rolling cylinders. They have a well-defined texture.
Hot Press means paper pressed hot rolling cylinders. They have a smooth texture.
Rough means paper pressed without cylinders. These are the strongest in textures.
Stretching of the paper –
Soaking your watercolor paper and then drying them using tapes to keep them crumbling. This process shrinks the paper that helps to better absorb layers of watercolors.

Gentle and light hand drawing –
Creating light strokes to outline the subject of the watercolor painting is a must because once the watercolor is applied, the graphite marks of the pencil cannot be removed.

Usage of right brushes for watercolor paintings –
Various brushes can be used for watercolor paintings.

Soft brushes are the ideal for such paintings. Brushes of the synthetic type are good as they are economical compared to natural hair brushes.

Stiff brushes can be used to add textures.

Let the watercolor work its magic –
Let the watercolors do their magic. This adds an added texture giving new meaning to the painting.

Fewer colors and more effect –
Simplicity is the key to high impact watercolor paintings. Less color on the paintings gives a visual harmony.

Layers of watercolors –
To achieve a layered effect of dark and light shades, watercolors can be applied over one another when the former color dries out. This helps to achieve complex shades.

How to use masking fluids –
This fluid is used to stop certain areas from getting influenced by the watercolors applied. This fluid is latex based and should be applied using old brushes.

This fluid is easy to remove by just rubbing with the hand or an eraser.

How to create full range value –
The value in watercolor paintings is the quality of the range of darkness and lightness of the color and its spectrum.

Putting stops to the process –
For watercolor painters, this is the most difficult part of the process – when to stop working on the watercolor painting?

The key here to know when to stop is when one asks oneself – What more can be done?

Practice makes you perfect –
Watercolor paintings are not easy to master.

Practice helps build confidence.

Join the SF Mega Fine Art Contest –

Are you a painter?

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Are you fantasizing about studying overseas? The best international education consultants in Nammakal are available to make your dream come true. These consultants, with their vast experience and warm manner, offer the necessary guidance and full support to help you navigate the complex process of studying abroad. If you are considering the challenging academics of the USA, the long-standing institutions of the UK, the cutting-edge universities of Canada, or the various educational options in Australia, they are committed to supporting you throughout your journey.

Recognizing that every student has distinct dreams, capabilities, and obstacles, the top overseas education consultants in Nammakal provide customized services designed specifically for your personal requirements. They start by familiarizing themselves with your academic and career objectives. This individualized method guarantees that you pick the correct course and college that match your aspirations perfectly. From the beginning of selecting a program to the end of sending in your applications, these advisors offer professional guidance and assistance, guaranteeing that each choice you make is educated and advantageous for your future.

The procedure of studying in a foreign country may seem complicated and daunting, however best overseas consultancy in Nammakal are dedicated to ensuring it is as seamless and hassle-free as they can. Their services include support for preparing for standardized tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE advice on crafting impactful personal statements, and assistance in obtaining scholarships and financial aid. Furthermore, they offer professional guidance for visa applications and offer pre-departure briefings that discuss topics like cultural adjustment and lodging arrangements.

Their extensive support infrastructure guarantees that you are fully equipped and self-assured as you begin your academic adventure abroad. The dedication and expertise of these consultants are evident in the success stories of students they have worked with. a variety of schools attended the conference.

Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training | Tech Leads IT


In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline their financial processes, enhance efficiency, and drive growth. Oracle Fusion Financials emerges as a powerful tool designed to meet these challenges head-on, offering a comprehensive suite of applications that integrate seamlessly to provide unparalleled insights and control over financial operations.

Understanding Oracle Fusion Financials

Oracle Fusion Financials represents a groundbreaking approach to financial management, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver a unified platform for all aspects of finance, including accounting, reporting, compliance, and analytics. Built upon a modern architecture, Fusion Financials enables organizations to adapt quickly to changing business requirements, drive agility, and make informed decisions in real-time.

Key Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Suite: Oracle Fusion Financials encompasses a wide range of modules, including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management, and Fixed Assets, providing end-to-end functionality to manage every aspect of financial operations.
Integrated Analytics: By leveraging embedded analytics and reporting capabilities, Fusion Financials empowers users to gain deep insights into financial performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize outcomes.
With configurable workflow capabilities, organizations can tailor processes to their specific needs, automate routine tasks, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, thereby improving efficiency and reducing manual effort.
Scalability and Flexibility: Whether your organization is a small startup or a global enterprise, Oracle Fusion Financials offers scalability and flexibility to accommodate growth and adapt to evolving business needs, ensuring future readiness.
Real-Time Visibility: By providing real-time visibility into financial data across the organization, Fusion Financials enables stakeholders to monitor performance, track key metrics, and respond swiftly to changing market dynamics.

Oracle Fusion Financials Training

To unlock the full potential of Oracle Fusion Financials, organizations must invest in comprehensive training programs tailored to their unique requirements. Oracle offers a range of training options, including instructor-led classroom sessions, virtual training, and self-paced online courses, designed to equip users with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize their investment in Fusion Financials.

Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training

For organizations looking to provide flexible and convenient training options for their employees, Oracle Fusion Financials online training courses offer a compelling solution. These courses cover all aspects of Fusion Financials, from basic navigation to advanced configuration and customization, allowing users to learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.


Oracle Fusion Financials represents a paradigm shift in financial management, offering a comprehensive solution to meet the complex needs of modern organizations. By leveraging the power of Fusion Financials and investing in quality training programs, organizations can unlock new opportunities for growth, improve operational efficiency, and drive success in today’s competitive business environment.